What I need In my bag! Special Holidays!


Hellooooooo,I'm so happy because it's holidays and summer,omg I so love the both !
I'm gonna to talk about what I put in my holidays bag ? Good question,because when you do it you are scared of forget someting and me I do a list so it's more simple for not forget something !
 So first,the important things :

-Ipad           -Your computer/Macbook       -Idea book/Note book 
-Iphone      -3DS,gamepad...                           -Pen for write in your notebook
-Books of summer love...;-)                             And I think it's good for that!

Next the clothes...the big part:

-Underwear (a lot)                            - 1 Jogging          -Swinwear (4 I know I know...)
-Short and top for sleep (I take 3 tops and 3 shorts )   -Croc tops 5 or 6,7   -Tee-shirt ( a lot)
-Some dresses,long or short whatever the color  -Shorts(I take blue,green,B&W,red,pink..)
-A jacket (because in summer,sometime it's raining,in France)   -Cardigan (I take one grey and one white,no black :p)
-Some jeans of colors (Red,beige,pink,blue)  -Basket (I take summer basket,blue and red )
-Ballerina (black and white,white,kaki,red...)     -Tongs (For pool and beach,or just walk in the street and eat a ice-cream!)

For me it's good so we gonna to talk about the make-up and the acessories:
-I take all I need of cream,lotions and for the sun a protection
-My all day makeup (mascara,liner,foundation,lip balm,crayon)
-Perfum,I lik VS perfum for summer or coconut,passion all these things!
And for the end -lipstick or gloss!!

I hope you like it and that help you!! Byeeeee

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