What about... 50 Shades Of Grey ?

Maybe you have seen the title and you are like "OMG I love 50 Shades Of Grey "
Or maybe not...
Who doesn't read 50 Shades Of Grey ? Seriously !It's a worldwide bestseller...
An erotic book...but it's not because it's erotic that it's not interresting because this story is amazing and you know that the movie is coming the 14th  February ! For the Valentine's Day...
So if you don't know what to do with your boyfriend this day and if you are single like me just goooooo to see 50 Shades Of Grey !
Some pictures if you didn't see the trailer :

Where I go in August...

Helloooo !
How are you?Me? I'm soo good,since I met a boy haha.
Soo this post is talking about what I'm going to do in August...

First,I have to wait 2 weeks for go to the camping La Cigale... :(
The 16 august I go to La Cigale and it's going to be amazing,with hot weather,poool and friends !
Nexttt the 23 august I have a big suprise!!I go to a villa in Dordogne...

 Looook WTF ! Haha she's just amazing ! For 1 week I'm gonna live to paradise !

 The shower and the bath do some massages :D

Annndddd the big pool without bord*
and she do massages,and she change colors haha this is so amazing I can't believe it!
And I can't wait to be there !
I hope you past nice holidays !

July !

 Hellloooo July is end and August start,I'm back home but I quit home the 15 August yeahh!!
So I'm gonna to show you some important pictures of July !Enjoy!
First when I've been to the beach,the night,it's soooo beautiful !

 Hmmm -> Cup of World !
Deutshland winnn,omg I'm so happy !
We do the party and it was very good with the deutsh.

 On the road  found that !And I feel in love with this car hehe...

 I sawww that OMG I was like "OMG so cute,can I hug him bla bla bla ! "
I lovee him haha !

 One of a lot of ice-cream then I eat...
Bubble-gum,Pistache,Mint,Chocolate !
 My beautiful snapchat ! (ahah just love it ! )
 So when I was bored I fat Shawn Mendes (sorry for the fans ) He's so seeexyyyy like that !

And finally I've try to take a picture in the water haha and then I take a lot of video !On my Instagram -> rachelodd

Where I go for Holidays...

Hellloooo how are you ? Me ? I'm just happy (I say it again)I go to the camping see my friends haha !
I''m gonna to show you the camping how he is,and a lot of things...

 The camping is at the Bassin d'Arcachon,at Arès a little cute town,whit the beach at 3 kilometers.La Cigale has 4 stars!!Soon 5 haha !

 For the pool,they change the sofa and the parasol in more modern I'm gonna to take some pictures for you...

 The game with a ping-pond in the font and the restaurant with so good pizzaa! yumm
 There is my chalet in red .
click here !

So it's all for this but when I'm gonna to come back I'm gonna to post a lot of article !byeee good holidays!