What is in my case of make-up ? Special holiday!


Today,I come back for a special post,what is in my case of makeup ?
I think it's important to know what to take and don't take,when I do my case of makeup,it's difficult to choose.

For the foundation I have to take with me:

-Vitalumiere Aqua from Chanel
-Powder from Rimmel
-Palet Bonjour Soleil,from Too Faced

For the Blush:
-The palet Bonjour Soleil.
-Blush rose pink from Sephora
-Blush from Dior

For the eyes:

-The Maleficent eyeshadow from MAC
-The Naked Basic from Urban Decay
-Mascara from Maybelline (2)
-My brushes for everything

For the lips:
-Chanel and Dior Lipgloss
-Baby Lips Cherry and Almond
-Mac lipstick

Hope you like this post bye!

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