The Kiko lipstick...

 Helllooo,so I've been to Kiko and I find a very good lipstick ! The smart lipstick...And I loooove it.

 First it smell so good,I  can't explain what it smell but it's very good.

 And he's really easy to apply and he reaally stay for a long time so It's very cool .

My shopping day !

So today I've been to some shops and I buy new things !
I've been to Kiko,Zara,Bershka,Sephora,Etam,Bonobo jeans and Quicksilver...

At Sephora I found new cute things,likes MJ,I soo love MJ,the design and the color,it's very chic.

Creme de Rose by Dior.

Hello everyone !

So today I found something really great at Sephora,in Dior:Crème de Rose Dior Smoothing Plumbing Lip Balm.

The PERFECT lip balm for this winter !
Crème de Rose is in a circular pot inside of a small box.
A little cute CD on the top,a plastic pot...
For start I want to say it's not really hygenic because you're dipping your fingers into the same pot and then smearing on your lips so you most clean your fingers before to apply the lip balm.

I really like the scent,the rose smell amazing,I really like rose perfum so if you don't like the scent of the rose don't buy it.

For the texture,the balm is light pink,he's thick not sticky or greasy so it's a good point.

You can use the balm everyday,and for a treatment,he's SPF 10 so your lips will be protect of UV.Or you can use it as a primer for your lipstick or lipgloss
The first time I apply it,before I go to sleep I wake up and touch my lips and it was so soft so I think this is my favorite lip balm for the winter.
It's a little bit expensive for 23.5 euros.

Boudoir Eyes by Too faced...

Helloo !
School restart and I'm soo tired its crazy and I have a lot of works so I try to take picture of my new products and write a review...and today the product is the Boudoir eyes by Too Faced,it say soft and sexy eye shadow and I like it !
I found it on a Sephora and when I see the color I was so excited and I buy it very fast !
So it's a palette of natural eyeshadows,something naughty too...
This comes with a little booklet with ideas for ways to work it,it's divided in three rows.
I think Too Faced is a realy good brand and I really to use the eyeshadows from it.And I really like this palette because I use a lot of natural and nude eyeshadows so this is for me !
My favorite are Satin Sheets,Sugar Walls,Birthday Suit,fuzzy Handcuffs and French Tickler.

What happen in my holidays ? (August)

So I come back today foor show you what I've do in my holidays,so I start with the start

 I've been on a boat of a friend of mine,and do party with some friends,it waas cool to do some boat because I like to see the sunset and I love water.

Next I've been the 23 august at the villa that I show you in July and I take so many picture of all the things that I visit and it's so amazing will show you in detail in an other post...

 Night pool,I swim in the night it was very cool.
 I take a picture in the water,it was fun.
 And that's me on snapchat,I've been bored and I decided to swim so I snapchat it !
 Drink some alcohol and watch sunset near of the pool.
First visit,it was so old and so beautiful with some luxury shop and I love it !
 Visit a cave !
 Visit of a garden of water with some lotus of 2 meters !

 Cheescakkee my favorite !
 At a little visit I wanted to drink and it was so hot !
I've been so many times to the restaurant so I take a lot of picture of my meal !

What I need for fall...

Soo it's soon school and it's time for buy fall clothes...
And I order some clothes in a lot of eshop.
First I've been to Pull&Bear:

I found this jacket,and I love it !I search in a lot of shop and I found this,it's rarely to find a jacket who I like,I never found a good jacket so it's cool for 39.99 euros.

This jegging,a little black washed,for 17.99 euros,it's a basic.

And this jegging black blue,for 17.99 euros,in sale!

I wanted some sweat for this fall,and I found a Rolling Stone sweat for 25.99 euros.

And a basic vest,black or 12.99 euros.

I've been to Calvin Klein for a bra,I really like them bra,they are soft,and the quality is very good,for 44.22 euros.

Next I've been to the fame American College USA,I really like this brand it's like you go to the university of States,soo cool.

This jogg navy,for 37.50 euros.

A sweat break,Brooklyn,black 59.00 euros.

And from an other shop this knitwear,so cuute,with some daisy for 32.00 euros.

Mascara Colorful from Ciaté.

Helloo !
I'm back at home,it's great,find my bed,my cats and my dog.
Soon back at school,it's gonna be hard to post something on the blog so I will try.
But this morning when I come back home I've been to Sephora and I find a new product:LashLights from Ciaté.
Maybe that you know the brand Ciaté for the nails lacquer,but I was surprising to find a mascara from this brand.They decided to create a collection of six colors,a mascara top coat like for the nails.It's really easy to apply the top coat,you just have to apply it on the very tips of your eyelashes for a quick flash of colour.
Honestly I like it,the color is flash and not really expensive for the quality.
You can buy it for 17 euros.

What a week...

 Helloo I come back after this little week with my friends,I'm so happy and I hope you past good holidays.
This first pic is about my tan !I'm soo tan this year haha it's crazy.

 Annddd this is on my snapchat,I was bored in the morning soo I decided to draw.
 I've did some curls to my hair,just love it,blond like that.

And I found this little Candy Crush,the candy from the game,I love them !

My order to Revolve...

Maybe some people of you know the website Revolve,whre you can find a lot of brand,maybe expensive but a lot.
I found this website a long time ago but I'v never order to.
So today I decided to order and I choice some clothes and accesories.
 This tong from Havaianas for 19.44 euros.

This top from Lenni for 33.64.

This cover from Marc Jacobs for 46.34 euros.
I really love it for my computer.

And for the end this headphone!For 149.53 euros,very expensive but so fancy !

My favorites swimwears of summer !

Swimwear is the MOST of summer,you know it,you have to choice about one piece,bikini,one color,or motifs,with bling bling or's a big choice and he show your personality.

Sooo this is my favorites swimwear of this year,this summer everyone wear flashy swimwear but it's not my type,it's just aztech or vintage,I think it's really beautiful and it's come back to the 80s,90s:

First this from New Look at 18.56 euros,with pineapples.

This is the one part.

And the second part at 11.41 euros.
I really like it,it's so cute !

 This one part from Rip Curl collection My bikiny by Alana Blanchard,at 50.00 euros (just the one part)
When I've seen Alana wear this swimwear I fall in love,the swimwear wear all my favorite things,aztech,fringe...
Soo I loove it !

And the second part at 35.00 euros
.And I found this Vera Moda for 44.00 euros (aztech again)

Lip balm from Dior

 Helloooo !
An other day in summer,it past really fast,I don't want to come back to school,it's boring haha.
Sooo today We gonna talk about...The lip glow (lip balm) by Dior.
I recently receive it from Dior and I'm pretty happy of this balm because I apply it once and my lips are very soft,a natural color,a cute's a classic Dior.
You can find it on Sephora,Douglas...for 30.95 euros !

My little surprise !

Haii ! I come back with this post for a little surprise...Wreck this journal !
I know you know Wreck this journal (saccage ce carnet)

So I start it,and I really like it !
It makes me feel better because you have throw it,destroy it and use it like a shoes !

Some pictures of mine,he's very destroy haha,I'll be sad when I'll finish it!Maybe I'm gonna to buy an other haha!
So in conclusion,just buy it,if you have a pain or you just want a have fun buy it!
It's the answer to your question...