July !


 Hellloooo July is end and August start,I'm back home but I quit home the 15 August yeahh!!
So I'm gonna to show you some important pictures of July !Enjoy!
First when I've been to the beach,the night,it's soooo beautiful !

 Hmmm -> Cup of World !
Deutshland winnn,omg I'm so happy !
We do the party and it was very good with the deutsh.

 On the road  found that !And I feel in love with this car hehe...

 I sawww that OMG I was like "OMG so cute,can I hug him bla bla bla ! "
I lovee him haha !

 One of a lot of ice-cream then I eat...
Bubble-gum,Pistache,Mint,Chocolate !
 My beautiful snapchat ! (ahah just love it ! )
 So when I was bored I fat Shawn Mendes (sorry for the fans ) He's so seeexyyyy like that !

And finally I've try to take a picture in the water haha and then I take a lot of video !On my Instagram -> rachelodd

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