Where I go for Holidays...


Hellloooo how are you ? Me ? I'm just happy (I say it again)I go to the camping see my friends haha !
I''m gonna to show you the camping how he is,and a lot of things...

 The camping is at the Bassin d'Arcachon,at Arès a little cute town,whit the beach at 3 kilometers.La Cigale has 4 stars!!Soon 5 haha !

 For the pool,they change the sofa and the parasol in more modern I'm gonna to take some pictures for you...

 The game with a ping-pond in the font and the restaurant with so good pizzaa! yumm
 There is my chalet in red .
click here !

So it's all for this but when I'm gonna to come back I'm gonna to post a lot of article !byeee good holidays!

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