Where I go in August...


Helloooo !
How are you?Me? I'm soo good,since I met a boy haha.
Soo this post is talking about what I'm going to do in August...

First,I have to wait 2 weeks for go to the camping La Cigale... :(
The 16 august I go to La Cigale and it's going to be amazing,with hot weather,poool and friends !
Nexttt the 23 august I have a big suprise!!I go to a villa in Dordogne...

 Looook WTF ! Haha she's just amazing ! For 1 week I'm gonna live to paradise !

 The shower and the bath do some massages :D

Annndddd the big pool without bord*
and she do massages,and she change colors haha this is so amazing I can't believe it!
And I can't wait to be there !
I hope you past nice holidays !

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