Boudoir Eyes by Too faced...


Helloo !
School restart and I'm soo tired its crazy and I have a lot of works so I try to take picture of my new products and write a review...and today the product is the Boudoir eyes by Too Faced,it say soft and sexy eye shadow and I like it !
I found it on a Sephora and when I see the color I was so excited and I buy it very fast !
So it's a palette of natural eyeshadows,something naughty too...
This comes with a little booklet with ideas for ways to work it,it's divided in three rows.
I think Too Faced is a realy good brand and I really to use the eyeshadows from it.And I really like this palette because I use a lot of natural and nude eyeshadows so this is for me !

My favorite are Satin Sheets,Sugar Walls,Birthday Suit,fuzzy Handcuffs and French Tickler.

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