Creme de Rose by Dior.


Hello everyone !

So today I found something really great at Sephora,in Dior:Crème de Rose Dior Smoothing Plumbing Lip Balm.

The PERFECT lip balm for this winter !

Crème de Rose is in a circular pot inside of a small box.
A little cute CD on the top,a plastic pot...
For start I want to say it's not really hygenic because you're dipping your fingers into the same pot and then smearing on your lips so you most clean your fingers before to apply the lip balm.

I really like the scent,the rose smell amazing,I really like rose perfum so if you don't like the scent of the rose don't buy it.

For the texture,the balm is light pink,he's thick not sticky or greasy so it's a good point.

You can use the balm everyday,and for a treatment,he's SPF 10 so your lips will be protect of UV.Or you can use it as a primer for your lipstick or lipgloss
The first time I apply it,before I go to sleep I wake up and touch my lips and it was so soft so I think this is my favorite lip balm for the winter.
It's a little bit expensive for 23.5 euros.

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