What happen in my holidays ? (August)


So I come back today foor show you what I've do in my holidays,so I start with the start

 I've been on a boat of a friend of mine,and do party with some friends,it waas cool to do some boat because I like to see the sunset and I love water.

Next I've been the 23 august at the villa that I show you in July and I take so many picture of all the things that I visit and it's so amazing will show you in detail in an other post...

 Night pool,I swim in the night it was very cool.
 I take a picture in the water,it was fun.
 And that's me on snapchat,I've been bored and I decided to swim so I snapchat it !
 Drink some alcohol and watch sunset near of the pool.
First visit,it was so old and so beautiful with some luxury shop and I love it !
 Visit a cave !
 Visit of a garden of water with some lotus of 2 meters !

 Cheescakkee my favorite !
 At a little visit I wanted to drink and it was so hot !
I've been so many times to the restaurant so I take a lot of picture of my meal !

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