Mascara Colorful from Ciaté.


Helloo !
I'm back at home,it's great,find my bed,my cats and my dog.
Soon back at school,it's gonna be hard to post something on the blog so I will try.
But this morning when I come back home I've been to Sephora and I find a new product:LashLights from Ciaté.
Maybe that you know the brand Ciaté for the nails lacquer,but I was surprising to find a mascara from this brand.They decided to create a collection of six colors,a mascara top coat like for the nails.It's really easy to apply the top coat,you just have to apply it on the very tips of your eyelashes for a quick flash of colour.
Honestly I like it,the color is flash and not really expensive for the quality.
You can buy it for 17 euros.

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