What I need for fall...


Soo it's soon school and it's time for buy fall clothes...
And I order some clothes in a lot of eshop.
First I've been to Pull&Bear:

I found this jacket,and I love it !I search in a lot of shop and I found this,it's rarely to find a jacket who I like,I never found a good jacket so it's cool for 39.99 euros.

This jegging,a little black washed,for 17.99 euros,it's a basic.

And this jegging black blue,for 17.99 euros,in sale!

I wanted some sweat for this fall,and I found a Rolling Stone sweat for 25.99 euros.

And a basic vest,black or 12.99 euros.

I've been to Calvin Klein for a bra,I really like them bra,they are soft,and the quality is very good,for 44.22 euros.

Next I've been to the fame American College USA,I really like this brand it's like you go to the university of States,soo cool.

This jogg navy,for 37.50 euros.

A sweat break,Brooklyn,black 59.00 euros.

And from an other shop this knitwear,so cuute,with some daisy for 32.00 euros.

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