My tea...Tiny Tea !


 Tiny Tea...
Who didn't know what is Tiny Tea ? No oneee because Tiny Tea is amazing !
Everyone knows Tiny Tea,I've seen it on Facebook and Instagram and when I see what the girls think about it I decided to try it !
What I think about it ? :
I loveee the box,it's feminist because it's pink and really cute.
I like the taste of the tea,it's really great and you feel the relaxation in you,I take it without sugar,honey or lemon sooo it's natural.
I have really more energy like they said,and I've seen that because I drink one at 20:00 and I didn't sleep of the night,I having soo many energy that I was can't believe it !

Sooo,I really like it but it's not a miracle so don't really hope too much from this tea but don't hesitate to buy it on the e-shop

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