My favorites swimwears of summer !


Swimwear is the MOST of summer,you know it,you have to choice about one piece,bikini,one color,or motifs,with bling bling or's a big choice and he show your personality.

Sooo this is my favorites swimwear of this year,this summer everyone wear flashy swimwear but it's not my type,it's just aztech or vintage,I think it's really beautiful and it's come back to the 80s,90s:

First this from New Look at 18.56 euros,with pineapples.

This is the one part.

And the second part at 11.41 euros.
I really like it,it's so cute !

 This one part from Rip Curl collection My bikiny by Alana Blanchard,at 50.00 euros (just the one part)
When I've seen Alana wear this swimwear I fall in love,the swimwear wear all my favorite things,aztech,fringe...
Soo I loove it !

And the second part at 35.00 euros
.And I found this Vera Moda for 44.00 euros (aztech again)

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